Things You Should Know Before Buying Koi Fish

If you are interested in keeping koi fish in your home, there are a few things you should know before buying one. The first thing to keep in mind is that these fish are very expensive and you will have to spend a lot of money in order to get a healthy and well-bred specimen. While some dealers offer discounts for larger orders, you should also know that you should be careful when buying them online. Make sure you are not getting charged for shipping or any other hidden fees.
When buying a butterfly koi fish, make sure to look for the right seller. You should always insist on photos before you buy, especially if you are going to buy a highly-priced one. A reputable dealer should be able to provide photos of each of the fish he/she sells, along with the price of each one. This way, you can pick out your fish from the photos and then contact the dealer to complete the purchase. Beware of sellers who will not supply photos, which is a bad sign.
Once you've decided on the price range, you can start looking for a koi. You can find these pond fish in all shapes and sizes. If you're buying a koi pond, you'll want to look for those with nice conforming bodies and markings. The best koi will have a wide body and a humped back. You should also be wary of those with a very narrow head.
After you've found a seller you're happy with, you'll want to know a little more about the koi. A good seller should be able to guarantee the quality of their fish and quarantine them for a few weeks to avoid the risk of diseases and infections. You can even find customer feedback online. If you aren't sure of a seller's quality, you can also read the reviews of other customers to get a better idea of their service.
After you've chosen a koi breed, you should choose the right size. The best koi will have all of their parts intact. You should look for one with a nice conforming body and a wide head. A fish with a long body is the best type. A thin, hollow back is the worst kind of koi. A wide-body means it'll have a more compact shape.
Before buying koi fish, you should know their origin and the species. The breeds are different and may not be suitable for your own specific needs. The koi you choose should be healthy. They should have all of the parts and a nicely conforming body. You should also look for a fish with a rounded body. A rounded back will be a good indication that your koi is healthy and has a good body condition. Check out this post that has expounded more on the topic:
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